Wednesday, April 17, 2013


A former member of Sutekh Hexen mailed me earlier to let me know the current member of Sutekh Hexen is cry-babying around the internet about our new pressing of the Luciform album. Let it be known that this small pressing that was authorized by Sutekh Hexen and Sutekh Hexen will be given the standard 15% as normal. The mastering and pressing is the same as the last two pressings and the band was very happy with those at the time as were many of you. If you choose to support this puppet show of Sutekh that was once a great idea that's fine.But let it be told that Kevin didn't write the music,nor the lyrics, nor was he part of any of the true rituals that were behind the idea of SH. Kevin is nothing but an actor , a cowardly snake that is good with photoshop. Trying very hard to be some type of low level rock star playing songs that someone else wrote for him. Since this has been dragged into the public light as some type of "Boycott" on Wands you,the buying public, can do what you feel is best for you. I'll finish by saying that copies will be sent to the person that is behind LUCIFORM, the same person that wrote Behind the Throne and was received NOTHING..the same person that wrote all the tracks on the LARVAE CS and received NOTHING...the Euro Lp ...the Reel...the Andrew Liles LP/CD/CS etc etc. Sutekh was an amazing thing at one point,but it's ruined now. Believe it or don't, I don't care. WANDS