Friday, April 19, 2013


Since I have been labeled as a thief and a bootlegger by Kevin, I will now share information that he has kept secret. This was sent to Kevin via email from Scott on 9/25/12,Hope you internet trolls hate it. Scott Sutekh Hexen 9/25/12 Hey Man, I've been thinking about it and I really feel that SH has run it's course and needs to be gracefully and respectfully put to rest. I am not presenting this with any confrontation, but I do believe that the catalog has been made widely available to the masses and with the exception of the Liles sessions, I'd really prefer that nothing else is done with the material that I wrote for the band. I am all for the back catalog being made available for free download somewhere, but it has no place being sold in any other platform than that which already exists. I understand that the BTT songs need to remain on itunes in order to keep sales going for Brent, but when that goes OPP, I'd like for the digital sales to be laid to rest too. I am all for people having the tracks for free, but there doesn't need to be any capital created for a band that no longer exists in it's true form. I love you and Andy very much, both as human beings and musicians, but it's not SH anymore and with all due respect for the blessings that were bestowed upon us from the beginning until the fallout, it would be natural for the name to be no longer used for the project. I want to reiterate that I don't mean any of this confrontational, but respectfully. It was a great time that we shared in together and I am glad that you were able to take the vision on the road, but nothing lasts forever and we must all move on and allow the legacy to speak for itself. SH doesn't exist without you and I and whereas I do appreciate the videos I have watched of you and Andy playing, it's just not up to par with what we created together, there's no riffs or dynamics that made SH what it was, there's no hate, no metal, no focus upon channeling the bringer of light, no ritual to follow or honor given to the sanctity of the divine blessings. I know that can be misconstrued as an insult, which it isn't meant to be, I just mean it now sounds like Fermentae +1, which it is, but it's not in any way SH and shouldn't be represented as such. So, hopefully you can honor this request and we can properly lay the baby to bed, she has earned her sleep. I hope that this all came out right and that nothing came across as being anything but straight from the heart. I know that I struggle with words and that my shit can get jumbled up and lose direction really fast, so hopefully that didn't happen. We had a great run, man,we really fucking did and now it's time to pay our respects to the currents that enabled us to have been used as vessels for the grand ritual. Thank you in advance, Scott