Thursday, January 9, 2014

Black Metal 2014

Subject: ATTN: Record label out of copyright/license


It was brought to our attention recently that a Ronald Ramirez, aka Going Underground Records (or Wands Records) @ 18221 G St, Bakersfield, CA 93301 has been manufacturing and distributing unauthorized copies of an album from our band catalog, which they do not own the rights to, as well as their license to this material being expired for over two years.

Below is the catalog information: Band: Sutekh Hexen Album: Luciform Label: Wands

We are moving forward with the necessary steps in order to resolve this situation and need to find out which vinyl pressing/manufacturers are handling the production. We respectfully request immediate termination of further production of this record as of immediately, as the label will be sent a proper cease and desist in the coming months if this is not handled.

One of our sources suggested to get in touch with Bill Smith Custom Records or Erika Records, and we are trying to determine how many pressings have been issued, what the color-breakdown per pressing has been, and how he has been able to channel what is essentially an unauthorized bootleg into the market.

Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Thank you, Andrew, Joshua, Ryan and Kevin

2014 Begins with more amateur hour actions from Kevin and his new recruits. Sorry boys but I haven't repressed this record and had no plans to make anymore. Believe your small fan base has had it's fill of this it"Partially Un-official" Or "Official".

That being said there are three pressings, all in somewhat small numbers

There was never any "contract" signed between Scott, Kevin or Myself...When we released the first two records they only had 3 tapes out that were limited...not really the type of band that requires a contract.

Sutekh Hexen is a joke, Kevin is a fake and this black noise shit can fuck off.

Lastly please remember the Song writer and true owner of Luciform was paid for the final pressing. Best.